A transcription of a letter my grandfather Ashley Smith (author)wrote my grandmother on 27 April 1945. I believe he is based close to Rome, Italy, and writing to her in England (Olive Avenue, Leigh-On-Sea, SS9 3QE).

WO I A Smith 10673705 34 Special Training Barracks CMF 27 April 45

Dearest sweetheart in all the world,

I have just received your letter of the 22nd and an answering, it immediately as I am determined not to get behind with my correspondence again. It makes me realise more than ever what you mean to me when I get such letters as this…

A transcription of a letter my grandfather Ashley Smith (author)wrote my grandmother on 5 May 1945 — two days after this letter. I believe he is based close to Rome, Italy, and writing to her in England (Olive Avenue, Leigh-On-Sea, SS9 3QE)

Please feel free to correct me, or add to my understanding of this.

WO I A Smith 10673705 34 Special Training Barracks CMF 5 May 45

Dearest sweetheart in all the world,

This wicked husband of yours is still trying to catch up with all your lovely letters. There is so much happening that I can hardly keep…

A transcription of a letter my grandfather Ashley Smith (author)wrote my grandmother on 3 May 1945. I believe he is based close to Rome, Italy, and writing to her in England (Olive Avenue, Leigh-On-Sea, SS9 3QE). The day prior ‘The Allied Spring offensive in Italy ended with the official surrender of German forces in Italy.’

At the end of the transcript, I’ve added some other interesting aspects of the context of the letter. Please feel free to correct me, or add to my understanding of this.

WO I A Smith 10673705 34 Special Training Barracks CMF 3 May 45


It’s important to be consistent with branding across the Internet. With a name like Heather Smith, my name is already taken by the eighty thousand plus other Heather Smith’s in the universe. To combat this I added AU to the end, so everywhere online, you should find me at HeatherSmithAU.

I now have the opportunity to claim this on the Medium platform. Currently, you can find my writing at https://medium.com/@HeatherSmithAU, but once I claim the new Medium URL, I’m told that will no longer be valid.

OLD Medium URL

The new domain shall be at https://HeatherSmithAU.medium.com.This is based on my current username. Your…

Jennifer Cooper, CPA, FCCA, Heather Smith FCCA, FCA, FICB, Shaunie Huzzey, ACCA, Eleanor Shakeshaft, FCCA

I recently hosted a webinar presented by ACCA ANZ about working in practice in Australia, or New Zealand. The panel shared their experiences of moving from another country to ANZ, their top tips for joining, starting, or purchasing a practice the importance of embracing cloud technology and the opportunities provided by ACCA ANZ,

The diverse panellists included Jennifer Cooper, CPA, FCCA, Director at Cooper Lovell Accounting from Nelson, New Zealand. Shaunie Huzzey, ACCA, Cloud Accounting Consultant at Mazars, from Sydney, Australia and Eleanor Shakeshaft, FCCA, Director at Your Business Accountants, from Currambine, in Western Australia.

As someone who’s runs a…

Photo by Prateek Katyal from Pexels

Update: This is an article I wrote back in 2016, but some of the information is still relevant and useful. Thank-you for your interest in this article. I’m not in a position to help you personally. I suggest you read this article and contact the relevant professional bodies directly or post your question in the comments section of the article.

I choose to study accountancy as it was an easily transferable skill across countries and businesses. A debit is a debit in any language. In 1991 I choose to study an international accounting qualification, rather than simply an Australian-centred one.

“Whereas from a hacker’s perspective, it’s easier to trick then hack, and it’s about access security, okay? They go after the endpoint. They try and trick somebody into entering a password or they try and infect the computer and log keystrokes so that they can steal legitimate access via somebody’s accounts, okay? Now with the work from home thing, all of a sudden we’ve got these digital outposts in a business. Whereas before they were all physically inside this perceived perimeter in an office and an IT company looked after them. All of a sudden they’re out in all of these different environments, and you could have … There is a tonne of increased risk in those environments. So you’ve got home wifi that aren’t as robust and potentially a hobby wifi hacker as a next door neighbour. You’ve got shared computers that have a higher propensity to infection, because other team members, especially kids, tend to click on things that and aren’t quite as savvy in what they click on. And you’ve got this whole blending between personal computing coming into the working environment. ” Jamie Beresford

Jamie Beresford + Heather Smith

Today I’m speaking with Jamie Beresford Founder and CEO of Practice Protect and Fresh Method

In this episode, we talk about . . .

  • Accountants and IT Specialists interpret the word ‘Cloud’ differently … and this could be wasting your firm money
  • How technology has changed for accountants and where accounting professionals can identify cost savings and efficiencies in IT
  • Security considerations accountants and bookkeepers need to adopt when working virtually or working from home
  • What Jamie learnt the Accounting Profession during Covid 19
  • How he manages his team virtually while working abroad in Bali and the Philippines
  • How flexible…

I’m really fussy about the way salespeople contact me. If they start spamming me and if I think they’ve got my details illegally, I’m not happy at all. I would rather… like I know what I want and I’ll reach out to them. And then it’s around a demo and a clear plan of this is how it gets implemented basically. But yeah, it’s interesting because as soon as… and I’ve had this discussion with a few people, accountants can be scared off pretty easily. We’re pretty introverted and we don’t like a lot of aggressive sales techniques. So we are busy in our office if anyone rings us, like it’s email or arrange an appointment with us. Rather than just out of the blue ringing, because we call it queue jumping. So yeah, don’t ring me. That’s the first one. But yeah, I think it’s just… the really hard sales techniques just don’t work with us. You’ve got to really have a good case of why you would fit in with what we already have.

Today I’m speaking with Lee Duffield, General Manager of All in Advisory

In this episode, we talk about . . .

  • Choosing the best of breed in software for a 100% modern future-focused cloud-based firm
  • Helping their clients use innovative modern tools through App Advisory
  • How vendors can connect with accountants and bookkeepers through drip-feeding content across social media
  • How they scope, select implement and review accounting technology.
  • Being part of a 100% female-owned and led accounting practice.
  • Why female panellists at industry events are important

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Lee Duffield what is something about you that not many people know?

Lee Duffield…

“Now I’m back to my initial passion which is software, fintech, which is a domain that I’ve always found really fascinating. I think the psychology of money is really interesting. I think understanding your customers’ emotional arc around how they interact with your product. Are they stressed? Are they anxious? Are they worried that they don’t know how to use it? All of these different components that go into creating a great experience come from recognising your customers’ context and what they need to accomplish with your product. And so I’m really excited to get back to working with software and really focusing on creating a great customer experience for Float.” Rosemary King

Photo by Estée Janssens on Unsplash

Today I’m speaking with Rosemary King, Head of Product at of Float

In this episode, we talk about . . .

  • How to find opportunities that stretch and challenge you in new directions
  • How you go get the lay of the land and establish a plan for moving forward when you take on a prominent role in an established company.
  • What factors influence product designers
  • Choosing to work with people, teams and businesses that embrace receptivity.
  • How you empower staff to solve their own problems
  • What does diversity in the workplace means to Rosemary and why it is important


I have the best people. I have nothing without my team. I have good ideas and I have vision, and I do have creativity and innovation, but I don’t have the ability to do it all and nobody can. And so I focus very heavily … Have you read the book Traction? It’s a great book to read, but I don’t necessarily agree with the entire ecosystem that they put out, but I do agree with the way they define terms. And I think power in understanding terminology and words around things makes things clearer and helps people to see the way, the path to something. Two words that they utilise in that book frequently are visionary and integrator. I am a visionary and I have integrators on my team. And the integrator role is they’re truly the ones that are doing the hard work. It’s where I lay out the vision in a creative path for what I think should happen, and they make it happen. They make sure we get the right people in the right seats on our team. They make sure people are executing against our project plan, and they keep people accountable. Well, that gives me the opportunity to be creative and go write things and go speak at conferences and pursue the passions of growing the different brands and figuring out what to do next with that, and how we can be better.

Today I’m speaking with Liz Mason, CEO + Founder of multiple businesses including High Rock.

In this episode, we talk about . . .

  • CPA World Domination
  • Kaizen the Japanese philosophy of continuous improvement
  • With creative ideas and giant goals, Liz explains how she manages to juggle so many big projects
  • Measuring your value — how to price for Modern Practices.
  • How to build an amazing team
  • The complexities of accounting for the cannabis industry
  • How to creatively compensate your team.

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What’s the most dangerous thing you’ve ever done?

Liz Mason: Oh, that’s a great question. Well, first off, thank you so much for having me. I’m beyond excited to be…

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